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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunset Road Playlist 4/29/11

Preview of some shows i'll be doing on the folk marathon, cuts from` the latest Pierre Bensusan cd, features on upcoming concerts by Mandalele (Lorraine Duisit & friends), The Infamous Stringdusters & love Canon, Crooked Still and more.
  1. "Pete's tune" - Extended play Boys - Extended Play Boys [Beet]
    Theme tune
  2. "Locust In The Willow" - Crooked Still - Some Strange Country [Signature Sounds]
    Crooked Still at Mockingbird, Staunton, this evening.
  3. "You Got The Silver" - Crooked Still - Some Strange Country [Signature Sounds]
    Coupla Rolling Stones covers...
  4. "No Expectations" - The Unwanted - Music From The Atlantic Fringe [Compass]
  5. "All The Same" - The Infamous Stringdusters - The Festy Experience Artist Sampler
    The Infamous Stringdusters Love Canon at the Jefferson Theater Cville, this evening.
  6. "Science" - Love Canon - Love Canon Live On Sunset Road7/30/10
  7. "No More To Leave You Behind" - The Infamous Stringdusters - Fork In The Road [Sugar Hill]
  8. "Tragic Life" - The Infamous Stringdusters - Fork In The Road [Sugar Hill]
  9. "Hold on" - Tim O'Brien - Cornbread nation [Sugar Hill]
    Tim O by request
  10. "Ghost of Tom Joad" - Solas - The Turning Tide [Compass]
    15th anniversary Solas celebration on the folk marathon wed 5/11 from 9-noon here on WTJU!...tune in and pledge.
  11. "Free Man In Paris" - Joni Mitchell - Shadows & Light [Live][Bonus Tracks] [Disc 2] [Warner]
    Live albums special version of Sunset Road on the folk marathon, fri 5/13, from 5-7pm. Tune in, and pledge!!
  12. "Who's gonna build your wall?" - Tom Russell
    Freedom Songs show on the WTJU folk marathon tues 5/10 from 5-7pm. Tune in and pledge!!!
  13. "Cathy Jordan Intro" - Dervish - Hope For Ariang 3/25/2011
    Broadcast of the entire 'Hope for Ariang' Concert from march, with Dervish and Lunasa, on the WTJU folk marathon sun 5/15 from 4-7pm. Tune in and pledge!!!!
  14. "The Coolea Jigs" - Dervish - Hope For Ariang 3/25/2011
  15. "Veilleuse" - Pierre Bensusan - Vividly [DADGAD]
    Latest cd from Mr DADGAD hisself....
  16. "Kiss Landing" - Pierre Bensusan - Vividly [DADGAD]
  17. "Song of delight" - Maeve Gilchrist - Song of delight [Adventure]
    New cd on Mike Marshall's Adventure Music and produced by Darol Anger by Maeve Gilchrist. She will be at Cville Coffee tues may 24th
  18. "Cloud And Cornflower" - Lorraine Duisit - lorraine duisit's Album [Self]
    Lorraine Duisit and Mandalele playing at CFOOT, Cville, tomorrow evening.
  19. "Do Me In" - Lorraine Duisit - lorraine duisit's Album [Self]
  20. "Don't Say" - Lorraine Duisit - lorraine duisit's Album [Self]
  21. "Out On The Western Plains" - The Unwanted - Music From The Atlantic Fringe [Compass]
    Just got this cd & had to share some with y'all. Featuring Cathy Jordan, Seamie O'Dowd and Rick Epping.
  22. "Here's A Health" - Cara Dillon - After The Morning [Compass]
    From an earlier cd by Cara Dillon i just discovered. Enjoy!
  23. "Fleur de Mandegore" - Maeve Gilchrist - Song of delight [Adventure]

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