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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lunasa & Dervish to play benefit in Charlottesville 3/25/11

Coming close on the heels of St. Patrick’s Day, March 25th 2011 promises to be one of the most memorable dates in the history of traditional Irish music in Central Virginia in many years as two of the highest rated bands in the genre, Lunasa and Dervish, hit the stage of the Jefferson Theater on the same night. Lunasa, with their groundbreaking musical arrangements and the hilarious patter of frontman Kevin Crawford, have been named “Performers of the Decade” by liveireland.com, whilst Dervish, with 21 years of touring the world under their belt performing in front of crowds as large as two hundred and forty thousand, can easily lay claim to being one of the all-time greats in Celtic music.
To top it all, all proceeds from this concert will benefit the South Sudanese humanitarian educational organization "Hope for Ariang" founded by ‘lost boy’ Gabriel Bol Deng. Adding to the fundraising potential, a major donor has agreed to match all premium ticket sales dollar for dollar. This night to remember is proudly presented by “Stand Up Charlottesville III” and radio station WTJU 91.1FM.

Sunset Road Playlist 2/25/11

Visit with local author Phil James
Phil James has some fascinating stories to tell about the folk music connections to Brown's Cove in western Albemarle County.
  1. "Pete's tune" - Extended play Boys - Extended Play Boys [Beet]
    Theme tune
  2. "Three thin dimes" - Danny Knicely, Nate Leath, Aimee Danny Knicely, Nate Leath, Aime - The melody lingers on[Self]
    New cd from these talented VA musicians. More later in the show
  3. "Lame Sonore" - Musical Saw/Natalia Paruz/Musical Saw - Playing on the Edge [Self]
    Wonderful unusual sounds from Musical Saw Player Natalia Paruz. More later in the show
  4. "Can't catch me" - The Hackensaw Boys - The Old Sound Of Music - EP [Self]
    New one from the Hackensaws
  5. "The Maid of Amsterdam(Paul Clayton)" - Paul Clayton - Sailing And Whaling Songs Of The 19th Century [Legacy International]
    Former Brown's cove resident recorded these songs in his home state of Massachusetts when he has a teenager
  6. "Lady Frankiln's Lament(Paul Clayton)" - Paul Clayton - Sailing And Whaling Songs Of The 19th Century [Legacy International]
  7. "Cedar mountainBreakdown" - Paul Clayton - Dulcimer Songs and Solos
    Cedar Mountain overlooks Brown's Cove in Albemarle County
  8. "Springhill disaster (1961)" - Bill Clifton - Around the world to Poor Valley [Bear Family]
    Bill Clifton was a contemporary of Paul Clayton. They cowrote this song.
  9. "Burglar Man(1954)" - Bill Clifton - Around the world to Poor Valley [Bear Family]
    This song was recorded by Bill Clifton and the Dixie Mountain boys. Paul played in the band prior to this recording
  10. "Who's gonna buy you ribbons(" - Paul Clayton - 45Rpm Single [Monument]
    The song that Paul Clayton wrote after hearing an earlier traditional ballad version by Mary Bird McAllister
  11. "Don't think twice it's alright" - Bob Dylan - The Wittmark Demos 1962-1964 [Columbia Legacy]
    the song that Dylan wrote after hearing Paul's song
  12. "John Henry" - Pink Anderson - Gospel Blues & Street Songs
    Paul Clayton recorded Pink Anderson in 1950 in Charlottesville, after Pink's many years of relative obscurity following his only other recordings in 1928. Pink was immortalized in the band name Pink Floyd
  13. "He's in the jailhouse now" - Pink Anderson - Gospel Blues & Street Songs
  14. "Ryestraw" - Lunasa - La Nua [Self]
    Lunasa & Dervish will be appearing at the Jefferson theater, Charlottesville on fri 3/25. Woo hoo!
  15. "Josefin's waltz" - Dervish - At the end of the day [Kells Music]
  16. "Changes" - Natalia Paruz/Musical Saw - Playing on the Edge [Self]
    More Musical saw music
  17. "A simple goodbye" - Natalia Paruz/Musical Saw - Playing on the Edge [Self]
  18. "Bright size life" - Danny Knicely, Nate Leath, AimeeDanny Knicely, Nate Leath, Aimee - The melody lingers on [Self]
    Pat Metheney cover....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hamper McBee, what a name! What a character!

Watch this wonderful movie about an amazing character--singer, moonshiner, storyteller.  He builds a still, drinks the moonshine, smokes incessantly, wears wax in his mustache and inserts damn and hell into his language so creatively and naturally you don't feel offended.  When he breaks into song it you're hearing a voice from another time, but definitely from the same mountains.  It's almost eerie.  My new hero:  Hamper McBee!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Local Author Phil James on Sunset Road 2/25/11

Tune in to Sunset Road on WTJU friday 2/25 at 5pm when i'll be having a conversation with local author and journalist Phil James. Phil writes a column for the Crozet Gazette entitled Secrets of the Blue Ridge and also has a book out with the same title. We'll be talking particularly about 1950's era folk musician Paul Clayton, his time living in Charlottesville and western Albemarle County, his connection to local ballad singer Mary Bird McAllister, and some of the many musicians he associated with during his time in this area, including Bill Clifton, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and Pink Anderson. Expect some fascinating stories!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The threats to WTJU as we know and love it keep on coming. One of the best ways of keeping the wolf from the door is to donate to the station. 
At WTJU, there's something for everyone, and everything for someone, and right now(at the time of this posting), the WTJU Rock department struts its stuff and asks for your support. But no matter what your cup of tea, please know that your donation will be put to good use for the whole station, and we really need your support!
The Rock Marathon schedule is HERE. In all its diversity, enjoy!

Benefit Concert for TJACH- Thomas Jefferson Coalition for the Homeless at The Haven

Benefit Concert for TJACH- Thomas Jefferson Coalition for the Homeless at The Haven Sunday, March 6th, 7pm
 A concert to benefit TJACH (Thomas Jefferson Coalition for the Homeless) will feature singer/songwriters Anne Hills and David Roth, with special guests Mary Gordon Hall and Blue O'Connell. The concert will be held on Sunday, March 6th at 7pm (doors open at 6:30) at The Haven, which is located at 112 W. Market St in Charlottesville.

Anne Hills
Anne Hills has recorded more than 20 albums while touring across North America and in the UK, receiving numerous honors including the Pennsylvania Partner’s in the Arts Project Stream awards, the WFMA Kate Wolf Memorial Award, and The Kerrville Music Foundation’s Outstanding Female Vocalist of the Year.  Having received a Masters Degree in Social work, Anne’s commitment to social justice and children keep her busy with benefit concerts and community service projects.

David Roth
David Roth comes back to Charlottesville with his unique brand of original music - hilarious, poignant, inspirational, and thought provoking. David’s resume includes 23 years of full-time singing, top honors at two of the country’s premier songwriter festivals including Kerrville (TX) and Falcon Ridge (NY). With 10 recordings under his belt, lyrics in several Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and appearances at concert halls, conferences, trainings and retreats throughout North America, David’s “heavy-mental” music strikes many chords, hearts, and minds.

Opening the concert will be local favorite singer/songwriters Mary Gordon Hall and Blue O’Connell.
 For more information about this concert please see The Haven's website Here

Or call 434-882-1184

Blue O’Connell


Monday, February 14, 2011

Old Sledge free download

Don't Let Your Deal Go Down - Pre-Release Cover ArtOld time string band Old Sledge are offering a free download of 3 tracks from their upcoming cd HERE, including a studio version of 'Boat's up the river', of which there's a live youtube video from WTJU HERE. Downloading will put you on their email list.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weirdo Stringed Instruments

This show aired as part of the WTJU Folk fundraiser in 2009, before this blog existed. I'm posting the playlist here as there are a whole bunch of cool links to all kinds of unusual stringed instruments embedded in the playlist, with the thought that maybe it might find a wider audience now. Let me know what you think....

Weirdo Stringed instruments
Exploring the world of strings attached to boxes to make music! call in & pledge! Pledge online at wtju.net
  1. "Whirl y reel" - Afro Celt Sound System
    Featuring the gourd boxed kora. Info about this cd and listen to this trackhere
  2. "Brodkakan/kodinaioulou" - Ellika frisell & Solo Cissoko - FRoots 10
    Kora & Swedish fiddle. Cd review here Listen to this track here
  3. "Yew piney Mountain" - Mike Marshall darol Anger & Vasen - MM DA & Vasen [Adventure]
    Nyckelharpa (from Sweden), octave violn, viola, guitar & mandolin.
  4. "Josefin's waltz" - Vasen - Whirled [Northside]
  5. "The big polska" - Nyckelharpa orchestra - Nordic roots 3 [Northside]
    More Nyckelharpas!
    Informative video about the nyckelharpa here
  6. "Devrah's delight" - Trapezoid - Long Time down this road [Azure]
    Featuring the triangular bowed Psaltery. Go here
    for an informative video on the bowed psaltery.
  7. "Te Quiero Dijiste" - Loituma - In The moonlight [Northside]
    Kanteles from Finlad
  8. "Jig" - Minna Raskinen - FRoots 6
    Solo Kantelevideo here
  9. "Villvinter" - Annbjorg Lien - Prisme [Shanachie]
    Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle
  10. "The RSB & the Hob" - Blowzabella - Vanilla [Green linnet]
    feat Hurdy gurdy
  11. "Maqam" - Nikola Parov - Nikola [Harmonia Mundi]
    Featuring the Oud & qanoun
  12. "Zanzibar" - Duoud - FRoots 20
    More Oud
  13. "Spirits in the morning" - Kantara - Kantara [Self]
    semi local oud/appalachian combo
  14. "Andra's Song" - Bassekou kouyate & Ngoni Ba - FRoots 29
    African cousin of the banjo, The Ngoni
  15. "Sam a Galtai" - Huun Huur Tu - Live 2 [Self]
    Featuring the Byzaanch and 3 Igils. truly out there, w tuvan throat singing too!
  16. "Suite of Damali pieces" - Ramazan - Mystic fiddle of proto gypsies [Shanachie]
    feat the sorud from Baluchistan..a fiddle like instrument played sitting like a cello
  17. "Maria Leticia" - Jibaro Hasta El hueso - Mt music of puerto rico(?) [Smithsonian Folkways]
    Featuring puerto rican cuatros. Video of one being made, plus music here
  18. "The Friend I Never Met" - Andy mcKeee - Beyond 6 Strings [?]
    Harp guitar
  19. "the Sound of water" - Pat metheney & brad mehldau - Metheney Mehldau quartet [Nonesuch]
    42 string guitar with 4 necks called Pikasso by the maker, Linda Manzer
  20. "Clarsach" - Muriel Anderson - Beyond 6 Strings [?]
    Harp requinto
  21. "Reuben's Train" - Harry Manx - Dog my cat [NNorthern Music]
    feat. the Mohan veena, sitar/slide guitar hybrid

Monday, February 7, 2011

Leftover Biscuits & Love Gone Wrong...

Tune in this Saturday morning, February 12, starting at 6:30 for a Valentine's Day show filled with heartbreak.

From Hank Williams' Your Cheatin' Heart, to Flatt & Scruggs' Your Love is Like a Flower, to Blind Lemon Jefferson's Deceitful Brownskin Blues, and even Kitty Wells singing all about A Woman Half My Age, we'll make sure Cupid's arrows don't reach their intended targets.

Have a request or suggestion?  Drop us an e-mail, or post it on our Facebook page.

10th Annual Valentine's Day Bluegrass Concert...

For any traditional bluegrass fans in the Central Virginia area, the Virginia Ramblers will be putting on their tenth annual Valentine's Day concert this Saturday, February 12.  Joining them this year will be local bluegrass gospel group, the Deanes, from nearby Greene county.  Leftover Biscuits host Peter Jones will emcee the evening's festivities.

Location: Albemarle County High School Auditorium (2775 Hydraulic Road, Charlottesville, VA  [map] )
Time: 7:30 pm (doors open at 6:30)
Tickets available at the door

Sunday, February 6, 2011

News from WTJU's Blue O'Connell

Hi to all in the WTJU community! Two years ago this past January, as you may recall, I underwent cochlear implant surgery. If you remember, I was excited for the opportunity to hear birds again and I signed on to the folk marathon to do a show on birds that following spring. But as it turned out, I had to cancel because my hearing did not come back so easily... but with some hard work, I have prevailed! This link is to an NPR interview that WVTF did with me that played on 1.4.11:
(scroll down to that date to find me)


You may know that cochlear implants  (CI) are more of a speech processor and they are not really known for being good with musical perception. Many with CIs can't discern one pitch from another and therefore cannot recognize a melody.  For this reason I worked with a music teacher friend doing various ear training exercises in the early stages of my aural rehab. We worked with tuning forks to aid me in feeling the vibrations of the pitches & frequencies of notes.   In one exercise she quizzed me on interval recognition. She would play two notes in succession and I would listen to see if I could discern what interval it was. I used some charts that can be found online as an aid with interval recognition.  Some examples are: first measure of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” has a perfect fifth, the intro to “When the Saints Go Marching In” is a major third, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” begins with an octave, and so on.  There are lots more things we did.. but suffice to say I have not only regained my musical perception but I have also surpassed anything I could have hoped to do with music. 

I started a recording with Jeff Romano a few months before my CI surgery and had to put the project on hold. But I have just about finished the project and you will be seeing a Kickstarter video soon to help fund it. I will have Mary Gordon Hall on harmonies with me and Peter Markush on cello. 

I thought you'd like to read about a happy ending! 
Thanks everyone for all the support you gave me throughout this challenging time for me.

Best wishes from Blue

Below is  a YouTube video from a recent concert I did in Phoenix, AZ.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sunset Road Playlist 2/4/11

  1. "Pete' tune" {Pete Wernick} - Extended playboys - Extended playboys [Beet]
    theme tune
  2. "A Blast" - Natalie MacMaster - Blueprint [Rounder: 2003]
    Might as well start the show with a(nother) bang....
  3. "Emptyhanded" - Andy Irvine - Abocurragh [Self: 2010]
    New cd from Andy Irvine which has been a long time in coming. Click on "Andy Irvine" to go to a site with a live radio concert from last november in Germany. Click on Abocurragh for info about this new cd.
  4. "Man From Another Time" - Seasick Steve - Man From Another Time [Ryko: 2009]
    This cd almost got deleted from the TJU library for lack of airplay. Hopefully this show will rectify that!
  5. "What You Gonna Do When Your Liquor Gives Out" - Frank Lee - Artseen [Self: 2004]
    2004 release,but we only just got it.
  6. "Dough Roller Blues" - Adam Tanner & Frank Lee - Two Mules [Self: 2004]
  7. "Down On Me" - The Freight Hoppers - Mile Marker [Bone Tone: 2010]
    Click on The Freight Hoppers to listen to most of this cd.
  8. "John Henry (w/The Nashville Lumberyard)" - Darol Anger; The Nashville Lumberyard - Diary Of A Fiddler [Compass: 1999]
    Start of a set of very different John Henrys.
    The Nashville Lumberyard is "an unprecedented gathering of seven of the most influential fiddlers playing at the end of this century; a three generation span encompassing a sizable chunk of the history of the American String Band", namely Darol Anger, Vassar Clements, Sam Bush, Tim O'Brien, Stuart Duncan, John Hartford, and Matt Glaser
  9. "John Henry" - Sidetrack - Rowdy to Reverent [Self: 2010]
  10. "John Henry's Blues" - Tangle Eye - Alan Lomax's Southern Journey Remixed [ZOE RECORDS: 2004]
  11. "Oslo/Norwegian Mazurke" - Andy Irvine - Abocurragh [Self: 2010]
    New cd(first in over 10 years) from Andy irvine. Featuring Annbjorg Lien on Hardanger Fiddle
  12. "The Close Shave/East at Glendart" - Andy Irvine - Abocurragh [Self: 2010]
    A new zealand reworking of the song Patrick Street (which spawned the band of the same name)
  13. "Chetvorno Horo" - Andy Irvine & Davy Spillane - Eastwind [Tara: 1992]
    From one of my all time favorite cds.
  14. "Sally in the Garden" - Critton Hollow String Band - Cowboys and Indians [Yodel Ay Hee: 1995]
    A set dedicated to all the gardeners out there. Spring IS coming!
  15. "Proper sort of gardener" - June Tabor - Aleyn
  16. "Just Because I Can (CSX)" - Seasick Steve - Man From Another Time [Ryko: 2009]
    More from Seasick Steve, a guy who really has lived the life of a bluesman. More popular in the UK than in his home country. Go figure.
  17. "Seasick Boogie / I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" - Seasick Steve - Man From Another Time [Ryko: 2009]
  18. "Old Joe Clark" - John Hartford - Morning Bugle [Rounder: 1972]
    Click on 'John Hartford' to see a slide show about John.
  19. "Fade Out" - The John Hartford Stringband - Memories of John [Compass: 2010]
    Till next time....Pete

Friday, February 4, 2011

Andy Irvine concert on the web

Andy Irvine; Rechte: A. Irvine

Go here to listen to a live radio concert of Andy recorded in Germany last november for radio station WDR3.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sunset Road Playlist 1/21/11

Old time, covers, poetry and more.....
  1. "Hound Chase" - The Freight Hoppers - Mile Marker [Bake Tone]
    Just came in the mail today, latest from the great old time band from NC, The Freight Hoppers. Click on the Freight Hoppers to go to their website where you can listen to most of this cd.
  2. "Birmingham Jail" - Chatham County Line - IV [Yep Rock]
    We just celebrated Martin Luther King day. this song remembers one of the most heinous crimes committed during the era when MLK was fighting for civil rights for all.
  3. "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free" - Fiddlers 4 - Fiddlers 4 [Compass]
    Another song from the civil rights era, written by the great Billy Taylor, who passed away recently. Here sung by Bruce Molsky
  4. "Train That Carried My Gal From Town" - The Freight Hoppers - Mile Marker [Bake Tone]
    More Hoppers music
  5. "Taxes On The Farmer FeedThem All" - The Freight Hoppers - Mile Marker [Bake Tone]
    From Fiddlin John Carson in the 1920s. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.
  6. "Can't Find My Way Home" - Rob Ickes - Slide City [Rounder]
    Start of a set of rock classics redone in a sunset road kinda way. Tim O'Brien on vocals
  7. "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" - Darol Anger & Mike Marshall - Psycho Grass [Windham Hill]
    Tim O'Brien again...
  8. "You Got The Silver" - Crooked Still - Some Strange Country [Signature Sounds]
    Rolling Stones cover
  9. "Who throwed lye on my dog?" - The Horseflies - Human Fly [Rounder]
    by request from Bill, listening online
  10. "Run Kitty Run" - Adam Tanner & Frank Lee - Two Mules [Self]
    Frank Lee is the banjo player with the Freight Hoppers
  11. "When I was A Cowboy" - Adam Tanner & Frank Lee - Two Mules [Self]
    Leadbelly cover
  12. "Riley The Furniture Man" - Frank Lee - Artseen [Self]
  13. "Waltzing's For Dreamers" - Carrie Rodriguez - Love and Circumstance [Ninth Street Opus]
    Another covers set. This one is by Richard Thompson, in case you didn't know...
  14. "Yellow" - Bill Frisell & Petra Haden - Petra Haden And Bill Frisell [Sovereign Artists]
    Coldplay cover
  15. "Goodnight Irene" - Bill Frisell - The Willies [Nonesuch]
    Another Leadbelly cover. With Danny Barnes
  16. "Urge For Going" - Darrell Scott - Modern Hymns [Full Light]
    Joni Mitchell cover
  17. "Help Me / vocals by Laurie Lewis" - Darol Anger And The American Fiddle Ensemble - Republic of Strings [Compass]
    More Joni.
  18. "If" - Joni Mitchell - Shine [Hear]
    Joni interprets Rudyard Kipling.
  19. "Funeral In My Brain" - Wayfaring Strangers - Shifting Sands Of Time [Rounder]
    The Wayfaring Strangers interpret Emily Dickinson
  20. "I Speak Fula" - Bassekou Kouyat√© & Ngoni Ba - I Speak Fula [Next Ambiance]
    Loads of ngonis, ancestor of the banjo, on this cd.
  21. "Saro (Featuring Vieux Farka Toure)" - Bassekou Kouyat√© & Ngoni Ba - I Speak Fula [Next Ambiance]
  22. "A Remark You Made" - Jerry Douglas - The Best Kept Secret [Sugar Hill]
    Weather Report Cover
  23. "Soldier" - Tangle Eye - Alan Lomax's Southern Journey Remixed [ZOE RECORDS]
    till next time....Pete
    (PS Check out the WTJU folk blog at http://wtjufolkdept.blogspot.com/)