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Friday, September 30, 2011

Dawg Gone: The Jazzier Sounds of David Grisman

Friday, September 30, 2011 ● 5-7 pm (edt)
WTJU 91.1 FM/Streaming at WTJU.net
Miss the show?  Listen at the WTJU Tape Vault.
While David "Dawg" Grisman initially made his bones in the world of folk and bluegrass, he certainly did not stay chained there for very long. Through his work with the David Grisman Quintet (and now Sextet!), he has played with jazz luminaries such as Stéphane Grappelli and Svend Asmussen, while also influencing young pups like Béla Fleck and the Flecktones. So tune in as we examine not only the jazz sounds of David Grisman, but also those who have played alongside him over these many "dawg" years.

David Grisman Quintet (w/ guest Nate Leath) at 2011 Floyd Fest
Tune in Friday, September 30, from 5-7 pm when Sunset Road host Pete Marshall and Leftover Biscuits host Peter Jones venture from their usual folk slots to help their jazz friends raise funds for WTJU.  Rumor is they will even have a couple pairs of tickets to this year's Festy in nearby Roseland, Virginia, where the David Grisman Sextet will be performing Columbus Day Weekend (Oct 7-9).

So don't miss two hours of Dawg this Friday, September 30, from 5-7 pm (edt).  And don't forget to throw us a bone for your community station, WTJU.

David "Dawg" Grisman
Submitted by Peter Jones, WTJU Folk

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ry Cooder's latest album

Here's a video from Ry Cooder's latest album:

And here's a more in depth look at the story behind that song... (compelling viewing...give yourself an hour and a half):

Inside job - Subtítulos en español from dai dai spain on Vimeo.

Posted by Pete, WTJU Folk

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunset Road playlist 9/16/11

Fri, Sep 16, 2011: "Sunset Road" [17:00 - 19:00, Pete Marshall]
(You can listen to this show till friday 9/30/11 at 5pm US EST. Look for the show HERE

1. "Pete's tune" - Extended Play Boys - Extended Play Boys [Beet]
theme tune
2. "Nancy Rowland's" - Pat Egan & Alex Caton - Fiddle Tunes & Ballads [Self: 2011]
Pat & Alex playing tonight at ville Coffee, Charlottesville at 8pm
3. "No Banker Left Behind" - Ry Cooder - Pull up some dust and sit down [Nonesuch: 2011] 
brilliant new cd from Ry
4. "God and Country*(the true Story of Red Rowntree)" - Peyton Tochterman - A New World [2011]
5. "I hate banks" - Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper - Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper
6. "Martin Said to His Man" - Red Hen Stringband - Birds of a Feather [Wepecket island records: 2011]
7. "Farewell Trion" - Red Hen Stringband - Birds of a Feather [Wepecket island records: 2011]
8. "Squirrel Hunters" - Danny Barnes With Bill Frisell - NWSS - Horning's Hideout [Internet Archive: 2008]
coupla live squirrel hunters
9. "Squirrel Hunters" - Nate Leath & friends - live from Rockbridge [With Permission: 2011]
10. "The Lakes of Pontchartrain" - Paul Brady - The Missing Liberty Tapes [Compass: 2002]
Paul Brady at Mockingbird in Staunton Va sat oct 1st
11. "Crazy Dreams" - Paul Brady - The Paul Brady Songbook [Compass: 2002]
12. "Follow That Star (Album)" - Paul Brady - Hooba Dooba [American Proper: 2010]
13. "The Blacksmith/Black Smithereens" - Planxty - Live 2004 [2004]
Set of music featuring Andy Irvine, who will be at Cville Coffee on th 10/20, first set top be broadcast live HERE on WTJU at 7pm.
14. "Victory at Lawrence" - Andy Irvine - Abocurragh [Self: 2010]
15. "O'Donoghue's" - Mozaik - Changing Trains [Compass: 2007]
16. "John Henry" - Pink Anderson - Gospel, Blues And Street Songs (Remastered) [Riverside]
17. "John Henry" - Doc Watson - Classic Folk Music From Smithsonian Folkways [Smithsonian Folkways: 1994]
18. "I want my crown" - Ry Cooder - Pull up some dust and sit down [Nonesuch: 2011]
19. "No Hard Feelings" - Ry Cooder - Pull up some dust and sit down [Nonesuch: 2011]

Posted by Pete, WTJU Folk

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Frank Vignola Trio LIVE on Folk & Beyond

Vinny  & Frank
Featuring Vinny Raniolo & Glenn Tosto
Thursday, September 15, 2011 ● 5 pm (edt)
WTJU 91.1 FM/Streaming at WTJU.net

Frank Vignola is one of the most extraordinary guitarists performing before the public today. His stunning virtuosity has made him the guitarist of choice for many of the world's top musicians, including Ringo Starr, Madonna, Donald Fagen, Wynton Marsalis, Tommy Emmanuel, the Boston Pops, the New York Pops, and guitar legend Les Paul, who named Vignola to his "Five Most Admired Guitar List" for the Wall Street Journal. Vignola's jaw-dropping technique explains why the New York Times deemed him "one of the brightest...stars of the guitar".

On Thursday, just after 5 PM, Aer welcomes the return of  Frank Vignola, in the form of a very special Frank Vignola Trio. While the Trio is usually comprised of Frank with Vinny Raniolo on guitar and Gary Mazzaroppi on bass, this evening the Trio will be a guitar army, with Glenn Tosto (Gypsy Jazz Caravan) making the trip instead of Gary. Later this evening, at 110 East Main Street in nearby Orange, Virginia, The FVT will be performing at a small intimate venue, The Light Well, at 8 PM, who proudly boast “Frank and friends have been sneaking into Orange and delivering world class shows for more than 2 years. They are truly ‘sleepers’, meaning that the quality of their performances surpass any others who have performed in our fair town. They have been featured on NPR and TJU multiple times.”   Frank and Vinny ‘warmed up’ for this trip by stopping in to play with Tommy Emmanuel and kicking off last weekend’s 2011 MDA Telethon in Las Vegas.

Vinny, Frank, & Tommy Emmanuel

Born on suburban Long Island on December 30, 1965, Frank Vignola was raised in the New York area. The Italian-American started playing the guitar at the age of six and grew up admiring a variety of guitarists. Far from a jazz snob, Vignola never listened to jazz exclusively and was also a major fan of classical, rock, R&B, and pop. The guitarists that he admires range from Django and Les Paul to rock icons like Frank Zappa and Eddie Van Halen. As a young adult, Vignola studied at the Cultural Arts Center of Long Island and went on to enjoy an enormous amount of sideman gigs in the 1980s including recording and touring with the likes of Madonna, Leon Redbone, Ringo Starr as well as coming into his own as a leader in 1988 with his famed Hot Club of France tribute which was hailed in the NY Times as one of the top ten acts in New York City in 1988 and forged the way for the many Django Hot Club groups that followed. The New Yorker was 27 when, in 1993, he signed with Concord Jazz and recorded his first Concord session as a leader, Appel Direct. Many more Concord releases followed in the 1990s as well as 3 releases for the Telarc label as co-leader of the group Travelin' Light. The early 2000's found Vignola recording a solo guitar CD for Acoustic Disc as well as performing regularly with guitarist, Les Paul. This also marked the time that Frank began working with record producer Joel Dorn as well as making featured appearances on Atlantic, Sony and Warner Brothers Records with the likes of Donald Fagen, Queen Latifah, Mark O Connor and Wynton Marsalis. He also recorded a collection of Gershwin pieces for Mel Bay Records titled, "Vignola Plays Gershwin" which was number 2 in NPR radio airplay charts. In recent years, Vignola has recorded two important collaborative CD's, "Just Between Frets" with Tommy Emmanuel on Solid Air Records and "Frank-N-Dawg, Melody Monsters" with mandolinist David Grisman on Acoustic Disc Records.  Frank has written 18 guitar instruction books for Mel Bay Publications and has recorded 6 Educational DVD's for Truefire.com. He has performed hundreds of clinics and masterclasses at major universities and colleges throughout the world including Julliard and Boston University. Currently, Vignola is touring world wide.

Gary Mazzaroppi, David Grisman, Vinny & Frank

Even though his career in music is only at the beginning, Vinny Raniolo has already had many opportunities that take most players a lifetime to achieve. Now playing guitar along side many of the finest musicians in the world, he is very excited to see where his music career will take him. At age 26, Vinny has already toured the world and performed at many of the world's top venues.  Vinny is very dedicated to his career as a professional touring musician, studio musician, educator and arranger. Beginning to play guitar at age 13, Vinny has already experienced a very diverse career in his 13 years of playing music. After performing his first gigs at the age of 16 in local jazz clubs, rock n’ roll bars, and musical theatre pit bands he began to catch the ears of other professional musicians and began to tour and work in recording studios. Vinny has been on recordings with Frank Vignola, Bucky Pizzarelli, Tommy Emmanuel, Tony Trishka, Matt Flinner, Ken Peplowski and many others. Vinny is also an experienced educator and has taught classes at Bowling Green University, Kent State University, Asiago Music Conservatory and others. He has also worked for many educational companies such as Mel Bay and Truefire.com. Vinny now tours the world with jazz guitar great, Frank Vignola and guitar virtuoso from Austrailia, Tommy Emmanuel.

Submitted by Aer Stephen, WTJU Folk

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dallas Wesley Band LIVE on Folk & Beyond

Thursday, September 15, 2011 ● 6 pm (edt)
WTJU 91.1 FM/Streaming at WTJU.net

The first time I saw Dallas Wesley was in January of 2010 at an audition for the Live Arts production, “Hank Williams: Lost Highway”.  Dallas had never acted in a theatrical production before, but he had a presence that was magnetic.  As he started to sing, the room was transformed, and everybody there that cold, icy night felt the warmth, and knew the play had found its Hank.  Watching Dallas take on the enormous challenge of learning all the songs plus all the lines it took to be carry the lead role in this musical biography was truly inspiring.  The play was a massive success, and the somewhat unlikely combination of musicians that formed the Drifting Cowboys had a special chemistry that created joy in all who became their audiences.  At the age of 29, Dallas became Hank Williams at the very same age Hank spent his last year of his too short life. But make no mistake, Dallas Wesley is his own man.  That was a play, and this is real life, and the songs that come from his heart are the ticket that will let his dream unfold.  If you press them, you can probably get a reprise now and then, just because they are that kind of friendly folk.  But this is the Dallas Wesley Band.  You’d be much more rewarded to sit back and listen up to what they have to say as themselves.  Please join me for this set of original tunes and conversation with the Dallas Wesley Band. ~Aer Stephen

The Dallas Wesley Band is original roots country sound with 21st century soul.  Pedal steel cries, fiddle saws, electric guitar runs, upright bass lines, and Dallas Wesley’s one of a kind voice resonate with fans of many genres and can satisfy both a dance floor and a listening room.  They first performed together in a Charolottesville, Virginia production of “Hank Williams: Lost Highway” in 2010.  Their natural chemistry and mutual respect for each other led them to reconnect months later as The Dallas Wesley Band, playing original songs written by vocalist Dallas Wesley, bassist Thomas Gunn, pedal steel player Bahlmann Abbott, and lead electric guitarist Dan Sebring.

Dallas Wesley (vocals, rhythm guitar) is originally from South Carolina, but has lived in Lynchburg, Virginia since 2004.  He began his music career five years ago with the release of his first solo album before headlining The Dallas Wesley Band.  Wesley writes most of the songs in the band’s set list.

Thomas Gunn (upright bass) has been a staple in the central Virginia music scene for years.  While his skills with the lead guitar are impressively adept, Gunn’s focus in The Dallas Wesley Band is the upright bass, as well as harmonies, which he adds to most songs in the set.   Thomas Gunn is also a well-respected songwriter, and has released two solo albums.

Bahlmann Abbott (pedal steel) is a man of many talents in the Charlottesville area, as he not only owns an architectural firm in town, but also plays the guitar, bass, and pedal steel, which is his main instrument in The Dallas Wesley Band.  Abbott also writes songs, records, and has released a solo album.

Dan Sebring’s (lead guitar) name is known in musician circles in the central Virginia area as well.  A professional guitar player for over forty years, Sebring has seen and done quite a lot in the music business.  Before joining The Dallas Wesley Band, he toured with Modest Mouse, and now balances his role as lead guitarist in the band with teaching guitar for a private school in Charlottesville.

In the short year that the band has been together, they have had many opportunities to connect with thousands of fans, including opening for country performers Travis Tritt and, more recently, Trace Adkins, both in Richmond.  Most of their concerts take place in or around the central Virginia area.   Saturday, September 17, at 8 PM, you can catch them right here in Charlottesville at C’ville Coffee on the Stage Café, at 1301 Harris Street.

Photo by Susan Saandholland
Submitted by Aer Stephen, WTJU Folk

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heritage Harvest Festival Musicians Visit WTJU

Joe Ayers & Mark Campbell on Tell Us A Tale
Sunday, September 11, 2011 ● Noon-2 pm (edt)
WTJU 91.1 FM/Streaming at WTJU.net

In advance of their performance at this year's Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello, master musicians Joe Ayers and Mark Campbell will pay a visit to Tell Us A Tale this Sunday.  They will not only perform, but also discuss the history of the violin and banjo in the United States.
Master Banjoist & Historian Joe Ayers

Joe Ayers is a musician, historian, lecturer, musicologist, classical guitarist, blues expert, performing artist, and author. His recordings of early American music include several volumes of 19th century banjo classics.  He has worked as a music history consultant and appeared in motion picture feature films (Warner Bros. productions) and in NBC, PBS, Discovery Channel and National Geographic television specials.  He has played a seminal role in presenting authentic music for museums, Civil War reenactments, festivals, and education venues.

The grandson of a Virginia dance fiddler, Joe led the Tuckahoe Social Orchestra for 14 years, incorporating his children within the ranks of the performing group.  The orchestra performed 19th century parlor, dance and minstrel music.  Joe also gives lectures, offers historical consultation for films, sound tracks and other artists’ recordings, conducts workshops and seminars, and participates in residencies.

He was recently a Master Artist for Virginia’s Folklife Apprenticeship Program and featured in In Good Keeping--Virginia’s Folklife Apprenticeships by Jon Lohman, Director of the Virginia Folklife Program at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.

Joe is currently working on Volume V of “Early Banjo Classics,” which is Elias Howe’s Complete Preceptor for Banjo, 1851, the earliest existing banjo music.
Master Fiddler Mark Campbell
Mark Campbell is a traditional musician who is dedicated to preserving and passing down old Appalachian region  fiddle and banjo styles.   Since his childhood in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Mark traveled around the region, collecting and playing the old style of music.  He  learned bowing and picking styles from some of the giants of last  generation of great musicians of North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

In 2008 Mark was named the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities' Master fiddler.  He was also the 2001 Champion Fiddler at the Appalachian String Band Festival at Clifftop, West Virginia, has twice won the State Fair of Virginia fiddle contest, and has won the West Virginia State Folkfestival banjo and fiddle competitions. Mark  travels throughout the region, performs concerts/lectures, teaches classes, plays for dances  and produces solo and band recordings.

Mark  learned fiddle styles by playing with and studying musicians including, Melvin Wine, Tommy Jarrell, Ernie Carpenter, Pug Allen, Burl Hammons, Wilson Douglas,  Lee Triplett, Franklin George,  Harvey Sampson, Joe Birchfield, Wilson Douglas,  and Harold Hausenfluck.

From blind fiddler Harold Hausenfluck Mark learned to listen for the bow changes in old recordings.  He then studied recordings from many of the departed masters of the old style of music, including French Carpenter, Ed Haley, Luther Strong, N. H. Mills, Norm Edmonds,  J. B. Grayson, Clayton McMitchen, Marcus Martin, and Osey Helton.

Submitted by Peter Jones, WTJU Folk

Peyton Tochterman Live on Folk & Beyond

Thursday, September 8, 2011 ● 6 pm (edt)
WTJU 91.1 FM/Streaming at WTJU.net

Peyton Tochterman first visited us on Folk & Beyond in January of 2006 as Peyton Tochterman & High Society, and backed by a fabulous band that gave the songs a jazz bent that was unique and infectious.  Peyton now returns to perform solo for this feature, showcasing tunes from his debut national release, “A New World”, with the excitement of the CD’s release event tomorrow night at the Southern on the downtown mall in Charlottesville a mere hours away.  Please tune in………. you will be glad you did.

Born in Virginia and living in the musical hotbed of Charlottesville, “A New World” was produced by Sam Wilson (Sons of Bill), and the project features songstress Stacey Earle and nationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Ellis Paul.  Peyton is and has been many things.  A former sports writer, a cancer survivor, a former NCAA athlete (if you call being ninth out of a possible ten on his golf team athletics)… He’s been hit by a train, had Kenny G.’s grand piano fall on his head, gotten to pick out Trisha Yearwood’s dress one night (they settled on the red one, by the way), has made Yo Yo Ma laugh with a joke and can’t remember what joke, has helped cast bronze monuments and sculptures for renowned sculpture Cy Twombly, has traveled across America on Harleys with his dad, and to the far reaches of western China to record monks blowing really, really big horns…  And through it all, he has been a songwriter.  Peyton has the privilege of being the first to step foot on stage and perform at the illustrious Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, VA, and has shared a stage with the likes of Levon Helm, Robert Earl Keen, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Richard Buckner, Sons of Bill, Ellis Paul, Old School Freight Train.  Peyton will also be touring with and opening for Ellis Paul through the upcoming year.
"Peyton Tochterman has an old soul’s gift for writing the ageless, earthy songs that define what is best about American Music. His songs carry the weighty truths that make life less of a burden for those who hear them." ~Ellis Paul

Submitted by Aer Stephen, WTJU Folk

Monday, September 5, 2011

Arlo Guthrie on the constitution

It's Labor Day after all ...... : )

Posted by Pete, WTJU Folk

"Child of Africa" David Jenkins Visits Radio Tropicale...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 ● 12-2 pm (edt)
WTJU 91.1 FM/Streaming at WTJU.net

Nineteen year old South African artist David Jenkins will visit with Bruce Penner during the second hour of Radio Tropicale this Wednesday.  In the area as part of the sixth annual South African Food and Wine Festival at Grayhaven Winery in Gum Spring, VA, David will also perform live during the program, demonstrating his proficiencies in the sounds of Zulu music.

David Jenkins hails from Empangeni, and is a proficient guitarist, singer, banjo and concertina player.  As a child he spent many happy hours with the Zulu gardener and housekeeper, and later with children; all of whom were Zulu.

At the age of 9 David developed a passionate interest in ‘Shaka Zulu’ and the Zulu culture and thus began his collection of books, traditional clothing, beadwork and music, and also learnt to stick fight and Zulu dance.
At the age of 12 he was given his first guitar, and within two weeks was able to play his first basic ‘Maskandi’ song; well known Maskandi musician, Phuzekhemisi, being his mentor.
He later developed an interest in Johnny Clegg, and studied Clegg’s technique together with that of other popular Zulu musicians. Thus he successfully mastered the traditional technique of playing the Zulu Maskandi style of music.
In July 2008, after the death of his father, renowned KZN journalist Chris Jenkins, he taught himself to play his late father’s five-string banjo, concentrating on the Bluegrass genre which came easily to him having already mastered the ‘picking’ technique of the ‘Maskandi’ music. Although different, David discovered that there was a subtle similarity between the Maskandi and Bluegrass genres.

His next project was to combine the 5-string banjo with the Maskandi style, which is unique and has revealed many interesting possibilities and in May 2009 he completed his first song ‘Life is a Never Ending Drum beat’ which combines the two.

In January 2010 he bought his first concertina, which now forms part of his instrumental accomplishments, and enhances his ability to produce the caliber of music he is aiming for.
In March 2011 he released his debut album, "Child of Africa", which he recorded with United Rhythms Studio in Durban.  He is currently touring the United States, and continuing his musical studies.

Submitted by Peter Jones, WTJU Folk

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ursula and Stephen Goadhouse Visit Atlantic Weekly I

Saturday, September 3, 2011 ● 8-10 am (edt)
WTJU 91.1 FM/Streaming at WTJU.net

Steve Kindig welcomes Ursula and Stephen Goadhouse to Atlantic Weekly I on Saturday September 3rd  to share their music and news about their upcoming 8 pm show at the Crozet Mudhouse on September 17th.

Ursula is a local singer-songwriter whose music has been described as “great heartfelt passionate songwriting that will stir your insides” by Danny Schmidt. Stephen plays lead guitar, acoustic bass guitar, steel guitar and Strumstick. Together they weave sound and story of loss, love and hope.

The proceeds for the Mudhouse show and the sales of their album, “Love is Medicine”, go to RumiRising.org to help offset the cost for supportive therapies for their son, Rumi, who has autism, Downs syndrome and hearing impairment.

Submitted by Steve Kindig, WTJU Folk

Miss Tess & The Bon Ton Parade Swing By The Jazz Messenger

Friday, September 9, 2011 ● 10:30 am-Noon (edt)
WTJU 91.1 FM/Streaming at WTJU.net

Miss Tess & The Bon Ton Parade will swing by during the last half hour of The Jazz Messenger this coming Friday.  In Central Virginia for a concert later that evening at Staunton's Mockingbird, the quartet will close out the morning with some great live music.

Miss Tess is a Brooklyn-via-Boston-based performing songwriter and bandleader. She currently tours with a tight knit quartet complete with Raphael McGregor on lap steel, Danny Weller on upright bass, Matt Meyer on drums, and Tess on guitar and vocals. Similar to artists such at Tom Waits, Randy Newman, Madeleine Peyroux, or Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks, Miss Tess draws inspiration from older styles of music, and uses those sounds in the service of her own personality. Miss Tess & The Bon Ton Parade have been touring nationally for the last three years, and continue to maintain a rigorous performing schedule.
This performance will celebrate the release of a new ep, The Waltz Set, the sixth release from Miss Tess. The album debuts five original waltzes and a waltz cover version of Skeeter Davis' hit song "End of the World" (1962). The compositions are airy and heartfelt descriptions of biycle rides, ferris wheels, and lost love. For a preview of the new album, visit the website and on the music page, check out "The Bicycle Song".

Critics have had a hard time assigning Tess’s music to a specific genre; when she still lived in Boston she won a Boston Music Award for "Outstanding Folk Artist of the Year" (2008), in 2009 she received a nomination for "Best Jazz Act", and in 2010 was nominated for "Best Roots Act" by the Boston Phoenix. Miss Tess & The Bon Ton Parade not only played in most venues in Boston, but are also hardened road warriors who have found homes in all types of venues ranging from upscale jazz clubs, music festivals, to local dive bars.

"To classify this Boston-based singer-songwriter as merely a jazz singer would miss the point – she’s a musical chameleon, recalling at various moments Tom Waits’ barfly humor, the cabaret-rock of Beirut, or even the wink-wink wit of early Bette Midler. On previous albums (this is her fifth), Miss Tess has included a fair number of jazz standards, but Darling, Oh Darling takes a bigger leap — Miss Tess has written every track, revolving like a vintage jukebox through a whole catalog of musical styles. What’s impressive is how thoroughly she has absorbed the old-school genres – these aren’t just catchy songs with retro arrangements, you’d swear they were 30- or 40-year-old standards.” –Holly Hughes, Blog Critics

Submitted by Peter Jones, WTJU Folk

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Arborea Visit The Cosmic American Jamboree

Thursday, September 1, 2011 ● 12-2 pm (edt)
WTJU 91.1 FM/Streaming at WTJU.net

Tune in during the first hour of The Cosmic American Jamboree this Thursday, when indie-folk duo Arborea pay Lonesome George a visit before heading off to an outdoor concert later at The Garage in downtown Charlottesville.

Arborea, an avant-folk duo from Maine, formed in the summer of 2005 by husband and wife Buck and Shanti Curran. Their music follows in the progressive folk rock tradition of artists Tim Buckley, Jeff Buckley, Chris Whitley, and Pentangle. Buck plays guitar, slide guitars, bowed strings, flutes, banjo, and vocals. Shanti provides lead vocals, banjo, ukulele, bowed strings, harmonium, and percussion. Arborea is often joined by Helena Espvall on cello.  Their songs are, as described by George Parsons of Dream Magazine,” Low key intimate spellcasting affairs; the fact that they are a couple might help to explain the seamless organic blending of their music together. Conjuring truly transportational magic out of the simplest ingredients. Their songs might be a hundreds of years old, and there’s little here to lock them into any moment other than forever”.

Since 2006 Arborea has performed throughout the US, UK, and Europe...including radio sessions on the BBC, WXPN, and WNYC. In 2009 Arborea curated the 'Leaves of Life' compilation album to benefit the UN World Food Program, and in 2010 they curated the Robbie Basho tribute album 'We Are All One, In the Sun', which made Acoustic Guitar Magazine's 'Best Acoustic Albums of 2010', glowing reviews from The Wire and Pitchfork, and Mojo Magazine 4 Stars. Their 4th album 'Red Planet' was released in 2011 by the Oregon label Strange Attractors Audio House. Equal parts psychedelia and backwater folk, inspired by Smithsonian field recordings, Arborea succeeds in creating a new folk form of breathtaking originality.
Submitted by Peter Jones, WTJU Folk

Fishtank Ensemble Live on Jumpin’ on the Bed

With Guest Host Aer Stephen of Folk & Beyond
Saturday, September 3, 2011 ● 4-6 pm (edt)
WTJU 91.1 FM/Streaming at WTJU.net

Fishtank Ensemble formed in 2005 in the midst of Fabrice Martinez's first visit to the US. After hunting around for musicians with whom he could jam with on his violin, Fishtank Ensemble was born., and this now four-piece outfit has since been playing everywhere from the hippest LA clubs to festivals, cultural centers, museums, parades, and even on the street. The band includes two explosive violins, the best slap bass player in the world, musical saw, flamenco and gypsy jazz guitar, trombone, opera, jazz and gypsy vocals, accordion, and one little banjolele. They tackle everything from French hot jazz to wild Serbian and Transylvanian gypsy anthems, Flamenco, and oddball originals. The band is a not to be missed event for world music lovers wanting to bathe in this intoxicating mix of music. In 2010, they released, on their own label, Woman In Sin. The third album from Fishtank Ensemble finds the band writing and performing at their peak. Transylvanian Gypsy Anthems, 1920's swing, Romanian Folk medleys, Rhythm and Blues Classics, Bulgarian Odd Time Signatures, Flamenco Rumbas, Swing Jazz, Serbian party tunes, Secret Manouche music and original songs are seemlessly blended together in this quintessential offering from a leading Gypsy Band.

The dynamic, virtuosic, fiery and peripatetic quartet that comprises Fishtank Ensemble take their roots both from their own varied musical and national backgrounds, as well as from their adventures and travels. The American singer, Ursula Knudson, sang opera on the streets and town squares of Italy, until she found a love of gypsy music.  Their French violinist, Fabrice Martinez, is from Paris, voyaged around all of Europe in a handmade mule-drawn caravan for ten years, and studied with gypsy violinists, collecting music and experiences.  Their Serbian bass player, Djordje Stijepovic, has spent time playing with gypsies in the local Romany bands when he was 13 until moving to the US, where he joined a band with Lemmy from Motorhead and Slim Jim Phantom from the Stray Cats, and aptly defends his reputation as the best slap bass player in the world.  L. A. bred guitar player, Doug Smolens, used to hang out with Billy Idol and Slash before becoming hooked on flamenco and running off to Spain to learn from masters in the caves around Granada and honed his craft as a master of flamenco and gypsy jazz guitar.  It is said that whatever wild time you can expect from this band, it will never match their out of this world performance!  You can be the judge of that yourself later this evening across the Blue Ridge and into the valley at Staunton’s Mockingbird Music Hall, 832 W Beverly, at 8 PM.
“Cross pollinated gypsy music….one of the most thrilling young acts on the planet.”  ~ The LA Weekly

Submitted by Aer Stephen, WTJU Folk