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Playlist for the Dawg Gone (Grisman) WTJU Jazz marathon show

1. "Pete's tune" - Extended Play Boys - Extended Play Boys [Beet: ?]
Theme Tune
2. "EMD" - David Grisman Quintet - David Grisman Quintet [Kaleidoscope: 1977]
The lead off cut to The DGQ's first album
3. "Spain" - David Grisman Quintet - Dgq-20 [Acoustic Disc: 1996]
live concert recording of the Chick Corea classic, recorded 9/21/77 in Santa Cruz, CA with the original Grisman Quintet lineup of DG(mandolin), Darol Anger(fiddle), Tony Rice(Guitar), Todd Phillips(mandolin) & Bill Amatneek(bass)
4. "16/16" - Stephane Grappelli & David Grisman - Stephane Grappelli & David Grisman - The First Session [Acoustic Disc: 2011]
from the very first session witn Grappelli & Grisman
5. "Dawg Jazz" - David Grisman - Dawg Jazz [Warner: 1983]
from the cleverly packaged LP Dawg Jazz/ Dawg Grass. Grisman composition.
6. "Steppin' with Stephane" - David Grisman - Dawg Jazz [Warner: 1983]
featuring Stephane Grappelli
7. "Svingin' with Svend" - David Grisman Quintet featuring Svend Asmussen - Svingin' with Svend [Zebra Acoustic: 1988]
with Danish Swing violinist Svend Assmussen
8. "Swing Mineur" - David Grisman Quintet featuring Svend Asmussen - Svingin' with Svend [Zebra Acoustic: 1988]
Django tune, done the way he probably played it
9. "Devlin'" - David Grisman - Hot Dawg [A&M: 1979]
A set of Tony Rice tunes. Tony was the original DGQ guitarist.
10. "Blues for paradise" - Tony Rice Unit - Acoustics [Kaleidoscope: 1979]
Tony Rice composition featuring David Grisman on mandolin
11. "Blue Midnight" - Darol Anger - Fiddlistics [Kaleidoscope: 1979]
Grisman tune, with lush multi-violin arrangement
12. "Moose the Mooch" - Darol Anger - Fiddlistics [Kaleidoscope: 1979]
Charlie Parker tune
13. "Nardis" - Todd Phillips - Released [Varrick: 1984]
Rare Solo LP by Todd phillips, who played 2nd mandolin in the very first iteration of the DGQ. He went on to become one of the foremost bassists in new acoustic & bluegrass music. This is a Miles Davis tune.
14. "So What" - Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - So What [Acoustic Disc: 1998]
Jerry & David play Miles Davis
15. "Sweet Georgia Brown" - David Grisman & Stephane Grappelli - Live [Warner: 1979]