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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Family Tradition on Leftover Biscuits

 Tune in Saturday morning at 6:30, December 18th, for a special Leftover Biscuits.
Family will be the name of the game, with names like Carter, Stoneman, Watson and Poplin, not to mention the Brothers Monroe, Stanley, Louvin, Delmore and more!


Family will also play an important role in a long standing Leftover Biscuits Christmas tradition.

Have a request?  Send us an e-mail, or leave it at our Facebook page.

Loss of a folk friend

  Yesterday the local community - folk community included - saw a friend laid to rest.  
Pi-Hsiah Chiang Tyler was interned outside Emmanuel Episcopal Church on Dec 15 in the afternoon. 

  Many of you may know that quite a few Prism Coffeehouse artists benefited from Pi-Hsiah's [PEE-shah] support through the offer of rooms - at cost - at the motels that Pi-Hsiah and her husband Chris Tyler ran over the years.  This was done w/ little fanfare, and the Tylers have 
continued this support for visitors to the local music scene, such as my teacher Cheick Hamala Diabate, when asked, even now that the Prism is closed.  

  The crowd at Emmanuel Episcopal was one of the most diverse I've seen herebouts.  There were plenty of Chinese-Americans, blacks and whites, too.  Pi-Hsiah had lots of 
friends, from all walks of life.  
  Pete and Ellen Vigour supplied most of the music for the service.  
  Pi-Hsiah's children spoke, though their remarks were just forming and incomplete. 
  She was killed suddenly in a traffic accident that has left her family shaken.  I spoke briefly to Chris yesterday after the internment, and I think he would appreciate any gesture the folk dept at WTJU could make; a word before a tune on your show this week or at year's end, a story of a favorite Prism concert.  

  The Tylers currently own and operate the Red Carpet Inn on US 29N. 

Bruce Penner 
Radio Tropicale

Sunset Road playlist 12/17/10

2010 wrap up
  1. "Pete's tune" - Extended Play boys - Extended Play boys [Beet]
    theme tune
  2. "Dry & Dusty/Duck River Suite" - Darol Anger's Republic Of Strings - String Nation: An International String Music Event
    2010 release, from a 2007 event
  3. "Isn't Everything Enough" - Leslie Tucker - In This Room [Compass]
    Bush's tax cuts get renewed, for even the top 2%
  4. "Rich Mans War" - Steve Earle
  5. "Lives In The Balance" - Jackson Browne,David Crosby, Graham Nash & David Lindley - Live Recording
    Thanks to David Swanson for the link.
  6. "You Got The Silver" - Crooked Still - Some Strange Country [Signature sounds]
  7. "Blue Light" - Aoife O'Donovan - Blue Light [Self]
    self released limited release 45rpm
  8. "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Featuring Bill Frisell)" - Carrie Rodriguez - Love and Circumstance
  9. "Willow Creek" - Darrell Scott - A Crooked Road [Full Light]
    nominated for best country instrumental grammy
  10. "Oh Sweet Longing" - Darrell Scott - A Crooked Road [Full Light]
  11. "Half Past Four" - The John Hartford Stringband - Memories of John [Compass]
  12. "Say Old Man, Can I Have Your Daughter?" - Hammer And String - The Girl Who Broke My Heart [Self]
    Included in this set are artists who have appeared here on Sunset road in the past year, including Hammer & String
  13. "Pretty Polly" - Old Sledge - EP [Self]
    Click on "old Sledge" to see a video of them playing here in the studio
  14. "Yew Piney Mountain, My Mama Always Talked To Me" - Albemarle Ramblers - Gentlemen From Virginia [Self]
  15. "There Will Never Be Another You/Not You Again" - Alex Hargreaves - Prelude [Adventure]
    Hard for me to get enough of this amazing young fiddle phenomenon!
  16. "Summer Soft" - Alex Hargreaves - Prelude [Adventure]
  17. "Atlantic Drive" - John McSherry - Soma [Compass]
  18. "Snowball" - Lúnasa - Lá Nua [Self]
    This set of tunes debuted on the radio live on sunset road! great new cd from Lúnasa.
  19. "Freefalling Reels: If You Go First/Frankie's/Freefalling" - Michael McGoldrick - Aurora [Compass]
    Michael McGoldrick, always pushing the boundaries of Irish flute music. Check him out on youtube, click on the link on his name
    ..he plays flute left handed.
  20. "Doïna/Parov's Daichevo" - Tony McManus - The Maker's Mark [The Dream Guitar Sessions] [Greentrax]
    Tony McManus playing a guitar/sitar hybrid made by Canadian luthier Linda Manzer
  21. "Gator Strut" - Mike Marshall, Hamilton DeHolanda And Darol Anger - String Nation: An International String Music Event [Disc 2]

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Darrell Scott's "A Crooked Road"

Darrell Scott has a new double cd out entitled "A Crooked Road". One of the cuts, 'Willow Road' has just been nominated for a Grammy for best country instrumental, and he's also nominated via Robert Plant's Band of Joy, of which he is a member, for best Americana album.

Hear an interview with Darrell Scott here:

Here's Darrell at WTJU on Sunset Road back in 2006, with engineer extraordinaire Morgan McLeod looking on:
Darrell Scott & Morgan, WTJU, PS

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunset Road playlist 12/03/10

    1. "Pete's Tune" - Extended play boys - Extended Play Boys [Beet]
      Theme tune
    2. "Lonesome Clapper" - Alex Hargreaves - Prelude [Adventure]
      This has got to be in my top 10cds fror 2010
    3. "If We Make It Through December" - Merle Haggard - Moneyland [McCoury]
      For all those listeners whose unemployment compensation is about to run out
    4. "Breadline Blues 2008" - Bernard 'Slim' Smith - Moneyland [McCoury]
    5. "What Happened?" - Merle Haggard - Moneyland [McCoury]
    6. "Goodle, U.S.A." - Darrell Scott - The Invisible Man [Full Light]
    7. "In The Gutter" - Karan Casey & Aoife O'Donovan - Via Youtube
      Exciting new collaboration fostered by Solas' Seamus Egan. He plays on this recording.
    8. "In The Gutter" - Mick Flannery - Evening Train [EMI Ireland]
      The original version. This song won the 'International Songwriting Competition'. Tom Waits was one of the judges.
    9. "Let's Go To The Fair" - Larry Keel & Natural Bridge - Hand Picked: The Best Of Watermelon Hand Picked: The Best Of Wat [Shepherd's Ford Productions]
      Th 12/09 Larry Keel & Natural Bridge 8:00 pm, Mockingbird/Staunton 540/213-8777
    10. "Stoney Lonesome" - Larry Keel & Natural Bridge with Fiddlin' Dave VanDeventer - Hand Picked: The Best Of Watermelon Hand Picked: The Best Of Wat [Shepherd's Ford Productions]
    11. "Matt & Nat's" - Natalie MacMaster - Yours Truly [Rounder]
      Sat 12/11 Natalie MacMaster 8:00 pm, Paramount Theater/C-ville 434/979-1333
    12. "Volcanic Jig" - Natalie MacMaster - Yours Truly [Rounder]
    13. "Candles in the Rain(Childless Mothers)" - Darrell Scott - A Crooked Road [Full Light]
    14. "Snow Queen and Drama llama" - Darrell Scott - A Crooked Road [Full Light]
      new cd from Mr Scott. Yay!
    15. "Sleeping Giant" - Mike Marshall, Alex Hargreaves, Paul Kowert - Mike Marshall's Big Trio [Adventure]
    16. "Honey Bee's Secret" - Mike Marshall, Alex Hargreaves, Paul Kowert - Mike Marshall's Big Trio [Adventure]
    17. "Ploska" - The Bee Eaters - The Bee Eaters [Self]
    18. "Loke's Troubles" - Mike Marshall & Darol Anger With Vasen - Mike Marshall & Darol Anger with V^e4sen [Adventure]
    19. "Fruitmarket Reels" - Lúnasa - Lá Nua [Self]
    20. "Freefalling Reels: If You Go First/Frankie's/Freefalling" - Michael McGoldrick - Aurora [Compass]
    21. "Five Mile Town" - Nuala Kennedy - Tune In [Compass]

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Karan Casey & Aoife O'Donovan

At the suggestion of Solas founder Seamus Egan, Karan Casey & Aoife O'Donovan have started a collaborative effort.

Expect a cd and gigs to support it at some time in the future.

Here's a taste:

You heard it here first folks!