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Sunset Road Playlist 11/11/11

11/11/11 Veteran's Day
1. "Pete's tune" - Extended Play Boys - Extended Play Boys [Beet]
Theme tune
2. "Banjo Bit Me In The Morning" - Jordan Tice - No Place Better [Patuxent]
3. "Powerhouse" - Acme Swing Manufacturing Comany - Acme [Self: 2010]
4. "The Sheik of Araby" - Acme Swing Manufacturing Comany - Single [Self: 2005]
5. "Soldier's Joy" - Tony Rice - The Bluegrass Guitar Collection [Rounder: 1992]
It is veteran's day. Soldier's Joy actually refers to a mixture of whiskey, beer & morphine used by soldiers in the Civil War
6. "Clear the Way" - John Doyle - Shadow and Light [Compass: 2011]
This song's theme is about Irish soldiers fighting on different sides against each other in the civil war battle of Fredericksburg, VA
7. "The Dying Soldier" - Ryan McGiver - Troubled in mind [Self: 2011]
8. "John Riley" - Grada - Natural Angle [Compass: 2009]
Tim O'Brien song about the San Patricios...Irish soldiers who switched sides in the war with Mexico, because of their appalling treatment, & common sentiments with their supposed enemy.
9. "Travelin' Soldier" - Dixie Chicks - Home [Columbia: 2002]
Some soldiers don't come back.
10. "Christmas time this year(radio edit)" - Ry Cooder - Pull up some dust and sit down [Nonesuch: 2011]
Some that do, don't come back whole.
11. "Masters Of War" - Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series, Vol. 9: The Witmark Demos 1962-1964 [Disc 1] [Columbia: 1963]
Dick Cheney, not a Veteran, speaks at the Miller Center, UVA, next wednesday 11/16/11.
12. "Soldier" - Tangle Eye - Alan Lomax's Southern Journey Remixed [2004]
A different kind of soldier
13. "Stride M1" - Jordan Tice Trio - Mixes [2011]
Advance music by Jordan Tice Trio
14. "The Colony" - Jordan Tice - Long Story [Patuxent: 2008]
15. "Rye Straw" - Adam Hurt - Earth Tones [Ubiquitone: 2010]
Adam Hurt & Beth Hartness play a concert at CFOOT tomorrow(sat 11/12)
16. "Cousin Sally Brown / Glory in the Meetinghouse" - Adam Hurt - Perspective [Ubiquitone: 2009]
17. "Molly Put the Kettle On" - Adam Hurt - Perspective [Ubiquitone: 2009]
18. "If I Had a Boat" - Tony Furtado - Full Circle [Rounder: 1994]
Tony Furtado at Ashland Coffee tomorrow night
19. "In the Hollow (album)" - Tony Furtado - Golden [Funzalo: 2011]
20. "Elzic's Farewell" - Blue Highway - Some Day: The Fifteenth Anniversary Collection [Rounder: 2009]
Blue Highway play Mockingbird in Staunton fr 11/18
21. "Drinkin' From A Deeper Well" - Blue Highway - Sounds Of Home [Rounder: 2011]
22. "Roaring Creek" - Blue Highway - Sounds Of Home [Rounder: 2011]
23. "Attaboy" - The Goat Rodeo - The Goat Rodeo Sessions [Sony: 2011]
New cd from acoustic supergroup Goat Rodeo, w Chris Thile(mandolin) Yo Yo Ma(cello), Edgar Meyer(bass), and Stuart Duncan(violin)