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Sunset Road 6/24/11

Special guests Walker's Run live in the studio.
You can listen to this show on the WTJU tape vault until friday july 8th at 5pm

  1. "Pete's Tune" - Extended Play Boys - Extended Play Boys [Beet: ?]
    theme tune
  2. "Just A Rumor pre-release single" - Three Ring Circle - Brothership [ResoRevolution: 2011]
    Featuring Rob Ickes on resophonic guitar. Rob will be at Mockingbird in Staunton with Jim Hurst on fri july 22nd. Via Airplay direct
  3. "If you don't love your neighbor" - Bela Fleck - Tasty Licks [Rounder: 1979]
    Bela and the Flecktones  + Bruce Hornsby will be at the Cville Pavilion on Aug 7th. Via Airplay direct
  4. "Keys to the Kingdom" - Bela Fleck - Rounder Records 40th Anniversary Concert [Rounder: 2010]
    Via Airplay Direct
  5. "Another Morning" - Bela Fleck - Rounder Records 40th Anniversary Concert [Rounder: 2010]
    Via Airplay Direct
  6. "Me and Paul Revere" - Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers - Single [Rounder: 2011]
    Via Airplay Direct
  7. "Two Hearts Down" - The Black Lillies - 100 Miles of Wreckage [North Knox: 2011]
    Appearing at The Limekiln Lexington sunday 7/10/11. Via Airplay Direct
  8. "Wichita Way (Live)" - John Cowan Band - 8,745 Ft. [Koch: 2009?]
    Via Airplay Direct
  9. "Mando Bounce" - Jim Hurst - A box of chocolates [self: 2007]
    Via Airplay Direct
  10. "Big Iron" - Jim Hurst - Second Son [Pinecastle: 2002]
    Appearing with Rob Ickes at Mockingbird, Staunton fri 7/22
  11. "Wildflowers" - Three Ring Circle - Brothership [ResoRevolution: 2011]
    Featuring Rob Ickes, who will be appearing with Jim Hurst at Mockingbird, Staunton fri 7/22. Via Airplay Direct
  12. "Live in the Studio" - Walker's Run
    Walker's Run will be playing at the Southern, Charlottesville, this evening.
  13. "Pause for Reflection" - Three Ring Circle - Brothership [ResoRevolution: 2011]
    Via Airplay Direct
  14. "Chatuvondoo Alap" - Billy Cardine - Yours To Find [Indidog: 2011]
    ex-local resophonic player made good...plays with the Biscuit Burners
  15. "Chatuvondoo" - Billy Cardine - Yours To Find [Indidog: 2011]
  16. "The Demon Lover" - Andy Irvine - Abocurragh [Self: 2010]
  17. "The Spirit of Mother Jones" - Andy Irvine - Abocurragh [Self: 2010]
  18. "Drever/Rice: Banks Of Marble" - Lau - Lau Live [Compass: 2008]
  19. "Drever/Green/O'Rourke: Sea Sea" - Lau - Lau Live [Compass: 2008]
  20. "There is a time" - Solas - For Love and Laughter [Compass: 2008]
    Solas are playing at Mockingbird, Staunton VA on fri july 29th