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Sunset Road 7/22/11

Interview with Dobro wizard Rob Ickes, plus Acme Swing live in the studio
  1. "Pete's tune" - Extended Play boys - Extended Play boys [Beet: ?]
    Theme tune
  2. "Scrapin' the barrel" - Rob Ickes - The Great Dobro Sessions [Sugar Hill: 1994]
    from the Grammy winning cd. Rob Ickes was the youngest dobro player featured on this all star recording
  3. "Rob Ickes interview pt 1"
    Rob Ickes & Jim Hurst are appearing at Mockingbird in Staunton VA Tonight at 8:30pm
  4. "Just a rumor" - Three Ring Circle - Brothership [Earwave: 2010]
    Rob Ickes's trio project with Dave Pomeroy (Bass) and Andy Leftwich (mandolin)
  5. "Rob Ickes interview pt 2"
  6. "The nearness of you" - Rob Ickes - Road song [ResoRevolution: 2009]
    Rob Ickes jazz album with Michael Alvey ,piano, and Robinella, vocals.
  7. "Rob Ickes interview pt 3"
  8. "Mustang Sally" - Rob Ickes & Jim Hurst - Via Youtube [2011]
  9. "ACME SWING Mfg Co" - Live in the studio
  10. "Powerhouse" - Acme Swing Manufacturing Comany - Acme [Self: 2010]
  11. "Locust Point" - Jordan Tice - Long Story [Patuxent: 2008]
    Jordan Tice played in Cville a feww weeks ago at the Garage. He'll be coming back in the fall with his new trio.
  12. "Ode to a Vending Machine" - Jordan Tice - Long Story [Patuxent: 2008]
  13. "Fortune" - Adam Hurt - Earth Tones [Ubiquitone: 2010]
    Solo clawhammer gourd banjo from a master
  14. "John Riley The Shepherd / Brushy Fork Of John's Creek" - Adam Hurt - Earth Tones [Ubiquitone: 2010]
  15. "Africa" - Love Canon - Live Recording From A House Concert In Charlottesville [2011]
    Love Canon at Rapture in cville this coming wednesday.
  16. "Stafford's Stomp" - Jim Hurst - Second Son [Pinecastle: 2002]
  17. "Swamp Reed" - Rob Ickes & Jim Hurst - via youtube [2011]