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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weirdo Stringed Instruments

This show aired as part of the WTJU Folk fundraiser in 2009, before this blog existed. I'm posting the playlist here as there are a whole bunch of cool links to all kinds of unusual stringed instruments embedded in the playlist, with the thought that maybe it might find a wider audience now. Let me know what you think....

Weirdo Stringed instruments
Exploring the world of strings attached to boxes to make music! call in & pledge! Pledge online at wtju.net
  1. "Whirl y reel" - Afro Celt Sound System
    Featuring the gourd boxed kora. Info about this cd and listen to this trackhere
  2. "Brodkakan/kodinaioulou" - Ellika frisell & Solo Cissoko - FRoots 10
    Kora & Swedish fiddle. Cd review here Listen to this track here
  3. "Yew piney Mountain" - Mike Marshall darol Anger & Vasen - MM DA & Vasen [Adventure]
    Nyckelharpa (from Sweden), octave violn, viola, guitar & mandolin.
  4. "Josefin's waltz" - Vasen - Whirled [Northside]
  5. "The big polska" - Nyckelharpa orchestra - Nordic roots 3 [Northside]
    More Nyckelharpas!
    Informative video about the nyckelharpa here
  6. "Devrah's delight" - Trapezoid - Long Time down this road [Azure]
    Featuring the triangular bowed Psaltery. Go here
    for an informative video on the bowed psaltery.
  7. "Te Quiero Dijiste" - Loituma - In The moonlight [Northside]
    Kanteles from Finlad
  8. "Jig" - Minna Raskinen - FRoots 6
    Solo Kantelevideo here
  9. "Villvinter" - Annbjorg Lien - Prisme [Shanachie]
    Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle
  10. "The RSB & the Hob" - Blowzabella - Vanilla [Green linnet]
    feat Hurdy gurdy
  11. "Maqam" - Nikola Parov - Nikola [Harmonia Mundi]
    Featuring the Oud & qanoun
  12. "Zanzibar" - Duoud - FRoots 20
    More Oud
  13. "Spirits in the morning" - Kantara - Kantara [Self]
    semi local oud/appalachian combo
  14. "Andra's Song" - Bassekou kouyate & Ngoni Ba - FRoots 29
    African cousin of the banjo, The Ngoni
  15. "Sam a Galtai" - Huun Huur Tu - Live 2 [Self]
    Featuring the Byzaanch and 3 Igils. truly out there, w tuvan throat singing too!
  16. "Suite of Damali pieces" - Ramazan - Mystic fiddle of proto gypsies [Shanachie]
    feat the sorud from Baluchistan..a fiddle like instrument played sitting like a cello
  17. "Maria Leticia" - Jibaro Hasta El hueso - Mt music of puerto rico(?) [Smithsonian Folkways]
    Featuring puerto rican cuatros. Video of one being made, plus music here
  18. "The Friend I Never Met" - Andy mcKeee - Beyond 6 Strings [?]
    Harp guitar
  19. "the Sound of water" - Pat metheney & brad mehldau - Metheney Mehldau quartet [Nonesuch]
    42 string guitar with 4 necks called Pikasso by the maker, Linda Manzer
  20. "Clarsach" - Muriel Anderson - Beyond 6 Strings [?]
    Harp requinto
  21. "Reuben's Train" - Harry Manx - Dog my cat [NNorthern Music]
    feat. the Mohan veena, sitar/slide guitar hybrid

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