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Saturday, November 26, 2011

WTJU Marks World AIDS Day with Special Programming

November 28 through December 3

Please join your favorite WTJU Program Hosts as they mark World AIDS Day starting on Monday, November 28 with special programming, including several short audio stories from a number of the Charlottesville and UVa people who lead, and are witness to, the fight against HIV/AIDS and the attendent problem of violence against women.

As part of this week of special programming, Bruce of Radio Tropicale will host a panel discussion on Wednesday November 28 at noon that will include Claire Kaplan of UVa's Women's Center and Peter deMartino of Charlottesville's AIDS Support Group.

Also, please tune in at 4pm on December 1st, our regular hour of public affairs broadcast, which will feature testimony on the fight against AIDS in rural South Africa as witnessed by a team from the UVa Nursing School, and a discussion with UVa Law Professor Deena Hurwitz about her published reports on the crisis of violence against women and American law.  You can listen to this program at wtju.net, or download it here.

Suggested Resources:
Stories from local sources:
  • FOCUS was started in 1972 to empower women, starting a tradition of professionalism and volunteerism that continues to this day. FOCUS continues to plant the seeds for girls and women to grow and succeed in life and in their careers.
  • AIDS Support Group (ASG) shares offices with FOCUS.  Four ASG staff members contributed stories to WTJU’s coverage of HIV/AIDS issues.
  • Brendan Jamieson spent time with children suffering the effects of AIDS in Nairobi Kenya.   pambatoto.com is the business that supports the Sanctuary of Hope orphanages there.  Brendan spoke with WTJU about what he saw in Nairobi.
UVa sources:

Bill T. Jones reflects on Still/Here, a film produced in 1997 and dealing with mortality and the spirit of survival expressed by people suffering terminal illnesses. How does its spirit infuse his work? What does it show us about healing and resilience?

Submitted by Bruce Penner, WTJU Folk

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