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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Alberto Vasquez on Leftover Biscuits 5 March 2011...

Emmett Boaz (L) with Alberto Vasquez (R)
Photo by Chuck Taylor

Alberto Vaszquez, known in some circles as The Crank of Dawn, will sit in with Peter Jones on Leftover Biscuits this Saturday, 5 March.  He will program the entire show with recordings from his own private collection, most of which is only available on cassette.

Vasquez was a contemporary of the founding members of the New Lost City Ramblers, and spent considerable time with them and other traditional folk musicians starting back in the 1950s.  So tune in this Saturday morning, starting at 6:30 (est) for a very special edition of Leftover Biscuits.  And of course listen to Sunrise Magazine, hosted by The Crank of Dawn, starting at 6 a.m. (est).

Submitted by Peter Jones

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