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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Crys Matthews LIVE on the Eclectic Woman Show

Thursday, December 22 ● 7-9 pm (est)
WTJU 91.1 FM/Streaming at wtju.net

Singer/songwriter Crys Matthews will stop by the Eclectic Woman Show this Thursday for a visit with Rebecca.  Along with a live performance, Crys will also talk about her latest release, Backroads And Driveways.

Although she is constantly referred to as 'the next Tracy Chapman,' Crys Matthews describes herself and her music as: "Imagine Jill Scott and Otis Redding had a daughter and Tracy Chapman was her god-mother... now imagine she spent summers teaching herself piano in Chicago and guitar in the mountains of North Carolina... that would probably sound something like the music I am fortunate enough to call my own." The music is an infusion of Americana/Blues/Bluegrass/Folk/Funk/Jazz, which, as eclectic as it sounds, is reaching people all around the world and causing them to stop and take notice.

Submitted by Peter Jones, WTJU Folk

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