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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paul Curreri & Devon Sproule: Berlin Calling (with video update)

photo by Nick Strocchia

Folk & Beyond with Aer Stephen
Thursday, August 25, 2011 ● 6 pm (edt)
WTJU 91.1 FM/Streaming at WTJU.net

When Paul Curreri and Devon Sproule take the stage at the Jefferson Theater on Saturday, August 27th, it will be their farewell concert - “Thank You & Goodnight”. Berlin is calling. Are they really leaving us? Say it isn’t so, Joe. But it is true. Berlin is the next stop for Charlottesville’s Folk Royalty. And we are not talking Berlin, Virginia, or Berlin, Vermont, or Berlin, New York, but the far away famous across the big pond Berlin….. Berlin, Germany. The shelves are bare and the furniture is gone. The dates on your calendar may be closer than they appear. A true life adventure is on the horizon. Please join me as I once again take Folk & Beyond on the road and visit the now sparsely appointed home studio that has been dubbed “Amanda’s Old Room” this one last time. This is a very special feature - funny, heartfelt, and liberating. Paul and Devon will each perform a song solo, they will do one together, we will talk about the impending move, the new projects in store, and wax about what the last 11 years has unfurled. Since Paul Curreri rolled into town as the last of the leaves stubbornly clung to the newly barren branches at the beginning of this century, no artist has appeared on Folk & Beyond as many times as he. I heard Paul for the first time that November when he strolled in with his brother, Matt, to play at the Acoustic Open Stage I hosted once a month at The Prism. “Senseless As A Cockoo” was the first offering and I was floored. He followed up with “Long Gone” and was anything but. I was witnessing a new star. I first saw Devon Sproule belting it out busking on the Downtown Mall. She must have been all of 15 or so. Such a petite young lady with a giant voice. As she grew into that voice, her songs and musicianship followed, bringing a depth and texture that captured my respect and admiration. They may be leaving, but my bet is they will not be strangers to us here in Charlottesville, and will achieve much success and critical acclaim on the European continent. Join us, won’t you? ~ Aer Stephen

photo by Jen Farriello

 Submitted by Aer Stephen, WTJU Folk
Update: Here's the interview in video form:

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