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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sunset Road playlist 12/17/10

2010 wrap up
  1. "Pete's tune" - Extended Play boys - Extended Play boys [Beet]
    theme tune
  2. "Dry & Dusty/Duck River Suite" - Darol Anger's Republic Of Strings - String Nation: An International String Music Event
    2010 release, from a 2007 event
  3. "Isn't Everything Enough" - Leslie Tucker - In This Room [Compass]
    Bush's tax cuts get renewed, for even the top 2%
  4. "Rich Mans War" - Steve Earle
  5. "Lives In The Balance" - Jackson Browne,David Crosby, Graham Nash & David Lindley - Live Recording
    Thanks to David Swanson for the link.
  6. "You Got The Silver" - Crooked Still - Some Strange Country [Signature sounds]
  7. "Blue Light" - Aoife O'Donovan - Blue Light [Self]
    self released limited release 45rpm
  8. "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Featuring Bill Frisell)" - Carrie Rodriguez - Love and Circumstance
  9. "Willow Creek" - Darrell Scott - A Crooked Road [Full Light]
    nominated for best country instrumental grammy
  10. "Oh Sweet Longing" - Darrell Scott - A Crooked Road [Full Light]
  11. "Half Past Four" - The John Hartford Stringband - Memories of John [Compass]
  12. "Say Old Man, Can I Have Your Daughter?" - Hammer And String - The Girl Who Broke My Heart [Self]
    Included in this set are artists who have appeared here on Sunset road in the past year, including Hammer & String
  13. "Pretty Polly" - Old Sledge - EP [Self]
    Click on "old Sledge" to see a video of them playing here in the studio
  14. "Yew Piney Mountain, My Mama Always Talked To Me" - Albemarle Ramblers - Gentlemen From Virginia [Self]
  15. "There Will Never Be Another You/Not You Again" - Alex Hargreaves - Prelude [Adventure]
    Hard for me to get enough of this amazing young fiddle phenomenon!
  16. "Summer Soft" - Alex Hargreaves - Prelude [Adventure]
  17. "Atlantic Drive" - John McSherry - Soma [Compass]
  18. "Snowball" - Lúnasa - Lá Nua [Self]
    This set of tunes debuted on the radio live on sunset road! great new cd from Lúnasa.
  19. "Freefalling Reels: If You Go First/Frankie's/Freefalling" - Michael McGoldrick - Aurora [Compass]
    Michael McGoldrick, always pushing the boundaries of Irish flute music. Check him out on youtube, click on the link on his name
    ..he plays flute left handed.
  20. "Doïna/Parov's Daichevo" - Tony McManus - The Maker's Mark [The Dream Guitar Sessions] [Greentrax]
    Tony McManus playing a guitar/sitar hybrid made by Canadian luthier Linda Manzer
  21. "Gator Strut" - Mike Marshall, Hamilton DeHolanda And Darol Anger - String Nation: An International String Music Event [Disc 2]

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